Things we would like to see CRASH on the internet

This would cause some major downtimeUsually downtime on the internet is a Bad Thing ™, whether it is network downtime or server downtime or any other malfunction.

But let’s face it, there are some things we would happily see go down.

Spam servers

If spam would end, even for just a while, the mail servers of the world would heave a collective sigh of relief. Whatever software that is making those spam botnets possible is also welcome to crash.

Spam blogs

Sometimes it seems like there are more spam blogs than real blogs. They even have a name of their own these days: splogs.

Phishing sites

Who in their right mind would want these around?

Your competition

Be honest now. Admit that you can’t help but smile just a little bit if your competition’s website goes down for a while.

Spyware backends

No, we don’t want you to phone home! Servers that collect data from spyware are more than welcome to go down permanently, thank you very much.


Big Brother could use a break, don’t you think? They are working so hard.

That rounds off our little list. Care to add some of your own?


  1. I would like to see The so called `FREE` websites crash you must know the one`s I mean. You know the one`s I mean, it takes two pages to register and just when you are ready to explore the site , you click the link for next page and it says a special introductory offer of £4.95. How the hell is that bloody free then! That is annyoing!

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