The hardware behind the newest data center

The people behind the blogging service recently shared some technical information about their new data center in Chicago, which is located in a Layered Technologies facility. hosts about 5.5 million blogs on its platform, and is not to be confused with the stand-alone WordPress software (which you find at and host yourself).
Here is the server hardware powering the latest data center:

  • 150 HP DL165s dual quad-core AMD 2354 processors 2GB-4GB RAM
  • 50 HP DL365s dual dual-core AMD 2218 processors 4GB-16GB RAM
  • 5 HP DL185s dual quad-core AMD 2354 processors 4GB RAM

That’s a total of 1,440 CPU cores and somewhere between 520 GB and 1.4 TB of RAM. In other words, a significant amount of computing power…
This is one of three data centers that power
More information, including a (somewhat shaky) video of the server facility is available here.


  1. “Why HP? Wouldn’t a more generic set of boxes be more cheaper but just as reliable?”
    When buying that much equipment, it is usually cheaper to go with a larger brand, in this case, HP. It all depends on how much equipment you buy per year, and what your price structure is with said vendor.

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