Swedish IDG confuses Twitter with cigarettes?


  1. I would rather suspect they went for the “twitter is as unhealthy as them thurr cigarettes” approach.
    but it says in the text “The way your company can make use of microblogging” – “The microblog service Twitter is the perfect tool for companies who would like to have personal communication with clients and co-workers.”

  2. @Observer: Thanks for the tip. (And also thanks to Evan at Twitter who sent in the same info via email.)

    So, it indeed IS a pack of cigarettes. 🙂

    You have to love the warning on the side of the package (at http://carrotblog.com/twitter-cigarette you can see it properly):

    “Surgeon General: Prolonged Twittering may lead to an increased risk for developing Internet Celebrity Disorder & compulsive viewing of Lolcats”


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