Save IE6

Microsoft’s long-lived Internet Explorer 6 web browser has been with us since 2001. Lately it’s been getting a LOT of negative attention, such as the recent Norwegian initiative to encourage web users to move away from IE6 in favor of other web browsers.
We feel that all this negative attention towards IE6 is highly undeserved, which is why we were very happy when we found

SaveIE6 is a counter movement, a movement at the grass roots level by people who really care about the web.
Let’s face it: it’s time someone stood up for IE6, so SaveIE6 has our full support. In fact, we’ve even given them free uptime monitoring for their site.
It’s time to show IE6 the respect it deserves. It’s proven technology. It’s well documented. It’s been long-lived for a reason: it’s great software!
So, go and show your support for IE6 now! Sign the petition, or at least enlighten yourself with some REAL facts.
And do it now, before we’re all flooded with the inferior alternatives that are gaining more traction every day.


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