Pingdom customers among the first to know when WWDC tickets go on sale

Today Apple updated its WWDC page announcing that tickets to the annual developer event will go on sale tomorrow, April 25, at 10 a.m. PDT. If you had Pingdom monitoring enabled for Apple’s page, you were likely among the first ones to know about this.

However, since Apple has apparently changed tactics this year, even if you monitored the page with our services, you may not necessarily be one of the first ones to get a ticket tomorrow.

All is not in vain, however. The same technique can be used for many other things.

In previous years Apple has just suddenly and unannounced changed the WWDC page and at the same time started selling tickets. Pingdom customers have then been able to monitor Apple’s page for changes in the content. For example, when 2011 changed to 2012 on the page, they received an alert and could hurry to the page to buy their tickets. But not so this year.

Presumably, Apple has changed its tactics after many years of increasingly faster sell-outs. Last year the tickets sold out in 2 hours and quite a number of Pingdom customers received alerts about the tickets being available and managed to grab one. In 2011 tickets sold out in 10 hours, and in 2010 that number was 8 days.

But, like we pointed out, remember that you can apply the same technique you used to monitor the WWDC page for ticket sales on many other things.

Here are some of the Pingdom customers who received an alert today when Apple made the announcement. We wish them and everyone else good luck in getting tickets tomorrow.






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