Pingdom Announces New Server Monitoring Capability

Pingdom is part of the SolarWinds family, and as such we are very excited to announce that SolarWinds has completed the acquisition of Scout’s SaaS-based server monitoring technology. The new service is now available under the Pingdom flag, marketed and sold as SolarWinds Pingdom Server Monitor.

This addition provides enhanced capabilities for our customers monitoring web applications or dynamic websites. When Pingdom alerts you that your site or application is slow/down, where do you go next? Pingdom Server Monitor gives you what you need to help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue, and, prevent it from happening again.

What can you do with Pingdom Server Monitor?

  • Get detailed visibility into OS-level metrics, like memory, disk usage, and network traffic.
  • Instrument architectural components up and down your web stack, from Apache to MongoDB to PostgreSQL to Zookeeper. See a full list of the 90+ Server Monitor plugins here.
  • Add custom metrics from any source via the industry-standard StatsD protocol.
  • See the bigger picture with custom dashboards, mixing and matching data from any of the Pingdom Server Monitor data sources.
  • When seconds matter, view live metrics streaming off your servers in real-time.
  • Get alerts before your site or application is affected. You can configure alerts for any of the thousands of metrics Pingdom Server Monitor collects. These early-warning alerts can help prevent downtime or degraded performance altogether.

Together with site checks and real user monitoring (RUM), Pingdom Server Monitor gives you more insight, deeper metrics, and end-to-end troubleshooting capability.

See this demo of a Pingdom Server Monitor dashboard in action:

Pingdom has earned the trust of more than 700,000 users worldwide with our uptime and performance monitoring of websites and applications. Pingdom Server Monitor is a natural, and welcome, addition to their current Pingdom services. If you’re interested in Pingdom Server Monitor, head on over to the website and learn more about it. You can also take advantage of a limited time 40% discount when you sign up for the service.

One last thing…

If you’re reading this and you’re a Scout customer; first of all much welcome to Pingdom! We’re very excited and happy to have you with us. You might have some questions, and we’ll be happy to help out.

Did my login URL change?

Customers may login at:

Note that the previous login URL: has been redirected to the new URL listed above.

What about support for Scout Server Monitoring?

You can reach the support team at:

The Support Help documents can be found here:

Please note that, at this point, Pingdom and Pingdom Server Monitor are sold separately. There are no immediate plans to integrate Pingdom Server Monitor with the Pingdom website uptime and performance monitoring solution at this time.

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