Pingdom alerts on your desktop

The first application based on the Pingdom Web service API has been released. It’s an open-source Windows .NET application, developed by a Pingdom user, that shows up as an icon in the system tray (that one with all the icons down to your right). It shows the status of any Pingdom checks selected by the user. This means you can be alerted of problems with for example your website directly on your desktop, in addition to the email and SMS alerts already provided by Pingdom.

061229 pingdom api applications

New API section on the Pingdom website
We have added a new section to the Pingdom website that contains the full Pingdom API documentation, and also a gallery of third-party applications using the API. The first application in this section is of course the system tray Pingdom alerter mentioned above, but as more people take notice of the possibilities this section is bound to be filled with lots of creative and useful applications.

Developers building on top of the Pingdom API
Even though the Pingdom API has only been available for a short time, we have already received very positive feedback from several third-party developers who have expressed their interest in integrating Pingdom functionality with their own products through our API, or using it for completely new solutions both in applications and on websites.

Got an app? Let us know!
If you are developing (or have developed) an application that uses the Pingdom API, either commercially or open source, and want it included in the list of applications on our website, please contact us at info -at-

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