New product release: Pingdom VMMM ­

Finally, a monitor that monitor monitors

You stare at them everyday, trusting them to give you accurate information. In fact, we all rely on monitors to show us what we need to interact with. But can we really trust the screens that display our data?

You asked for it. We listened. It has finally arrived: Pingdom’s new Virtual Machine Monitor Monitor (VMMM) – a new product that hits the market, making sure that your monitors work as they’re supposed to.

“If a piece of information is displayed incorrectly, you’ll immediately get noticed through your pre-defined alerting policy”, said Leeroy Jenkins, Product Owner. “Since our team have noticed that dead-pixels are becoming an increasingly bigger issue, the Pingdom VMMM algorithm identifies them on a quantum level. For instance, if a color seems to be the right shade of yellow, you might not notice that it’s actually supposed to be blue. The lessons we learned from the Ryu-Takayanagi formula have sharpened our understanding of bulk locality paradox and quantum error-correction”, said Jenkins who has been pushing his dev team round-the-clock to improve probe effectiveness. “We’re proud to say that we have fixed this, once and for all.”

Published on GitHub

The team proposed the idea of viewing the five-qubit code typically recognized as a problem with today’s monitors, as a quantum encoding isometry from one-qubit states:

Skärmavbild 2015-04-01 kl. 14.12.55

“The tetra bit flip on a logical qubit spanned by representations of Pauli X and Z operators was exactly the property we were looking for when perfecting the VMMM.” Leeroy Jenkins.

Pingdom VMMM is affordably priced and easy-to-use. And the good news is that everyone who upgrades today, 15/04/01, will be granted free access to the VMMM SpellCop® 1.1 feature that scans the monitor for typographical errors 24/7.

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