We Welcome Latin America to Our List of Test Locations

We’re excited to tell you that this week we’ve added 7 locations in Latin America to our ever-growing list of probe servers from which you can test your website’s availability and performance!

Latin America is the world’s fastest growing online market. For us at Pingdom, the addition of these probe servers was a logical step forward in order for us to provide a better service for the rapidly growing number of Internet users in South America.

Did you know? Users in South and Central America make up more than half of the total Internet users in the Americas at 53%.

With a rapidly increasing Internet industry, Latin American companies understand the value of a fast and efficient website. In Brazil alone there were over 26 million Internet hosts in 2012 and growth hasn’t slowed since. In fact, as of this year, there are 183 million residential connections and a whopping 436 million users surfing the net on mobile devices.

Did you also know? The average connection speed in Brazil is 3.6Mb/s, which is less than the global average of 5.1Mb/s.

With Internet speeds still behind the world average, it is more important than ever that companies in South and Central America observe web performance best practices on their websites to still be able to deliver the best possible website experience. This, coupled with the fact that the vast majority of site visitors browse through mobile devices only goes to show how important it is for them to ensure their sites are nimble and optimized towards smaller screens and slower connection speeds.

How about this? The biggest digital advertiser in Latin America is Netflix, delivering over 2.7 billion ad impressions per year in Brazil alone.

A rich and vibrant digital ecosystem means that Brazilians, more than ever, are taking to the Internet for shopping and are predicted to exceed a staggering $26billion in 2018. With such high figures, even minutes of downtime can mean a large drop in revenue for e-commerce companies. That’s why making sure your website is always available and accessible is more vital than ever.


globe 3If you’re already monitoring your website, web application or server with Pingdom, you’ll be able to select our South American probe clusters straight from your dashboard. If you haven’t already started monitoring your website, there’s never been a better time to start!

Get set up in less than 3 minutes and comes with a 14-day free trial! Sleep easier at night knowing that when a website incident happens, you can take action before your visitors notice.

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