An exciting day at Internet Discovery Day and WordCamp comes to an end

Internet Discovery Day

Tomorrow Internet Days kicks off officially but today was full of all kinds of Internet-related activities as a precursor to the main event. Just arriving back to the Pingdom HQ, we thought we’d share with you a bit about the day’s events.


Our morning was spent at WordCamp, an event dedicated to all things WordPress. Called “the world’s most popular CMS” by Thord Daniel Hedengren (below) in the opening keynote, this was a day not to be missed by anyone with interest in WordPress.

Since we’re big fans of WordPress, it’s great to see that so many people have an interest in the platform.


There were other things happening as well, with some sessions apparently so popular that people didn’t even fit inside the room. The one below is from Internet in school. Even though WordCamp was popular, we think the school folks beat the WordPress people in terms of dedication this time.

wordcamp full

Internet Discovery Day

Most of the afternoon we spent at Internet Discovery Day (IDD), an event organized around entrepreneurs getting an opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential investors. As a company operating in the Internet field, we’re excited to see this sort of event taking place. If IDD, and other similar events, can help bring together the people with ideas, with the people who can help realize some of those ideas, that can’t be a bad thing.



idd registration


idd opening

Over 100 entrepreneurs took part, each pitching their idea on a sheet of paper taped to a wall or window. As investors circled the room, it was up to the entrepreneurs to make a pitch to see who might be interested. According to the organizers, over 800 people were registered to attend this IDD.

We saw many exciting startup ideas at IDD and the range of ideas was impressive as well.

idd hacker

With that we’ll leave it for today. In the morning, we’ll be back again for Internet Days.

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