Let’s bring geeks together in 2013

Yesterday we sent out a box of chocolates each to all creative, geeky and cool companies around Västerås where our HQ located. We put together a small website (in Swedish) where we declare that 2013 should be the year when everyone hang out more and be more social in general.

You might think that the box of chocolates was an effort to gain the upper hand ahead of Beach 2013, but no, sadly we need a little more head start than that 😉

Meetups with your peers, much like other events in life, are really nice when they happen suddenly and spontaneously without much planning. Usually that is when you end up having the most fun. There are many interesting and cool people around here, and hopefully everyone will be up for a quick drink or coffee after work in 2013.

Also, what about your local geek community, is it a lively one? We would love to hear back from geeks all over the world if and how you hang out together.

We’re very pleased and humbled by the immediate and fantastic response. Here’s a sample:







Here are some of the cool companies we sent the chocolates to:

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