Geek domino

We’ve all seen those cool movies with endless lines of toppling domino bricks. However, there is way geekier stuff you can use instead of domino bricks…

1. Actual PCs

What do you do if you have 86 extra PCs lying around? You can either give them away, perhaps to poor kids or something. Or you can do this, which gives a new meaning to “my server is down”.

2. Everything but the kitchen sink

Only in Japan… We don’t understand a word, but this is awesome.

Cool DominoThe funniest home videos are here

3. Diet Coke & Mentos

Think of it as… Fountain Domino! Yes, there’s been lots of Diet Coke and Mentos experiments, but this one is fantastic. Check it out.

4. XBOX hard drives

The original Xbox console has an 8 gigabyte hard drive with a hardware lock. Once removed it’s useless. Unless you have too much time on your hands, of course…

5. Apple Newton modems

Newton was Apple’s old PDA. It seems like Apple had some modems left over. Hmmm… What to do with 4,000 Newton modems…?

6. Maxtor hard drives

Someone just tipped over 22 terabyte of storage, worth €14,500. We really hope these were already broken…

If you get hold of large quantities of hardware, now you know what you can do. All you need is some creativity and inborn geekness.

And how does this relate to uptime monitoring, you may ask? Well, we guess this is another way of handling downtime (though not the downtime we usually speak of). 😉

(How did this post come about in the first place? This Christmas our graphic designer, David, decided to play around with falling patterns of domino bricks. Obviously he didn’t have 1,500 hard drives lying around, as some people… but he wanted to see what people had done and found these.)

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