Facebook Like look-alike lake

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, population over 100,000, has a Facebook Page, currently with just over 1,300 likes. But that doesn’t make the city special with Facebook now close to 1 billion users.

But Broken Arrow is, in fact, very special because it appears to have taken the fascination for Facebook a step further than most other cities. How, you ask?

Right next to Veteran’s Park in Broken Arrow there is a small lake, or pond would perhaps be a more appropriate label.

We have included a picture of it below, but you can also check it out yourself on Google Maps, if you like. (It’s even been caught on Street View.)

Doesn’t it look suspiciously like Facebook’s Like button?

We don’t know if the lake or pond was created in this shape with the intent of looking like the now iconic Facebook button, but we’d venture a guess that there is no such connection.

But that is, of course, not as exciting, so we choose to keep the mystery alive and believe that Broken Arrow honors Facebook in a very different way.

Do you know of any other place in the US or around the world that has received a similar blessing from Facebook? Share it with us in the comments.


  1. As a Broken Arrowite since I was 3 (sigh) I suppose I should go investigate.For Science.   I am fairly certain it is a giant cement hole.  When they were digging the giant hole a few years ago no one could figure out what was going on. I think they just got bored one day. Incidentally, this is near where our annual ROOSTER DAYS celebration is held so you know this town has it going on. A giant thumb’s up AND a rooster festival. Who wouldn’t want to live here?  I’ll walk down there to see if there’s a comment button next to the giant thumb.

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