Website performance monitoring made easy

Real User Monitoring

Now you can know exactly how your visitors are experiencing your website. Our Real User Monitoring service gives you insight into performance and helps you answer questions like, how does your website really perform from a specific country or web browser. Real User Monitoring is available on all Pingdom plans.

Get valuable insights and data about your website performance.

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Real-time visits

See individual page loads as they happen on your website. Get answers to questions like, where do visitors come from, which browser do they use, and most importantly how fast did the page load.

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Latest performance trends

View trends to see any changes in load time that happened over time. For example, if a peak in load time coincided with a peak in the number of visitors and how it compares to previous load times.


Geographical performance

How does the speed of your website compare between the US and Sweden, for example? Maybe a particular part of the world is important to your business, but for some reason your site is really slow to access from there.

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Are visitors happy or frustrated?

Specify what performance levels are considered satisfactory, tolerated and frustrating for users. This lets you quickly see their overall level of satisfaction.


Your long tail of performance

In the distribution chart, you can see how fast your website loads for your visitors. You see not only what the fastest load times are, but also the long tail of visitors with slower performance.

Where did the load time go?

For most websites, about 80% of the load time happens in the browser. But what's the particular number for your site, and are there any differences over time?

Mobile vs desktop platforms

Typically, mobile web users have much slower connections than desktop users. We show the actual performance numbers for all types of users, including mobile, desktop and tablet visitors.

Does browser choice still matter?

Your visitors use different browsers. See which browser that is the fastest for your website and most importantly, which is the slowest.

Easy to get started

When you want to start monitoring a new website you only need to install a small (7 kB) JavaScript snippet. From there on we will start collecting performance data.

Works everywhere and anytime

Most browsers (Chrome 6+, Firefox 7+, IE 9+, Android 4+) have full support for collecting performance data, but our solution also works with other browsers (Safari, etc.).

Performance from all angles

Analyze the performance data to see how it relates to browser, platform, country, or a specific page on the website, and also the process that takes place during loading.

Dig into the data

Show the performance data as it happens in real-time or during a selected time range. You can also choose to display the average or the median of the data, where the median is often the preferred choice.

Real Users, Real Data, Real Performance.