Wikia Search is having severe website problems

Wikia Search, the Web search engine from Wikia, Inc. has been having recurring problems with their website since 2 p.m. EST on Monday (December 1).

One third of the requests to the website result in a HTTP 503 server error message (service unavailable). See screenshot below.

Since the problems started on Monday, the website has been unavailable for a total of more than 14 hours. The graphs below show the hourly average uptime percentage for the Wikia Search website.

Here is one for the last 36 hours, showing an hourly uptime hovering around 65%.

When looking at the last seven days, it’s easy to see when the problems started, and that they started after a longer period of stability.

Even when the Wikia Search website loads, it doesn’t always load correctly. We tried reloading their web page manually several times, with varied results. Sometimes it loaded fine, sometimes it seems like style sheets weren’t loaded, etc.

With almost two days with this problem, hopefully Wikia is on their way to finding a solution to whatever problem it is that they are having with Wikia Search.

The data above comes from the Pingdom website downtime monitoring

The Wikia Search website started working properly again after 2 p.m. EST on December 3. The total accumulated downtime for this incident ended up being 16 hours.

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