Top 10 new gadgets at CES 2012 – smartphones, tablets and TVs

No, we didn’t go to CES this year, but we’ve followed the action from Las Vegas from afar with great interest.

Today is the last day of CES, so we wanted to bring you a selection of what we thought were the most exciting new gadgets and technology coming out of Las Vegas this January.

So here’s our pick for the ten most exciting gadgets at CES 2012, in no particular order.

Nokia Lumia 900

Could it be that Nokia finally has a hit smartphone on its hands after years of falling behind? We were optimistic already when the Lumia 800 came out, but now the 4.3-inch display and front-facing camera of the 900 are really seducing us in a bad way.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

More sturdy construction, compass, HD camera – there’s a lot to like about the updated Drone. Exactly what we would use it for, we still don’t know, so that hasn’t changed. But who really cares?

LG TV with voice and gesture control

The future of TV may be upon us, and LG seems to be showing the way, adding voice and gesture control to its SmartTV lineup. We think this will add a whole new dimension to watching sports events.


GoPro showed off the HD HERO2, a rugged video camera capable of recording 1080p video. Plus, the Wi-Fi BacPac + Wi-Fi Remote Combo Kit allows you to remote control 50 cameras at a time as well as stream video live.

Razer Project Fiona gaming tablets

More than anything else, this has our juices flowing. 10.1-inch display (1,280 x 800 pixels), Hydra-style controllers, Intel Core i7 processor, Dolby 7.1 surround sound, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, and more. Wow! Unfortunately we may have to wait up to a year before being able to buy it.

Samsung Series 9 laptops

The second generation of Samsung’s stylish laptop certainly isn’t cheap (starting around $1,400), but they are simply gorgeous. And you now have two models to choose from, a 13-inch and a 15-inch model.

Intel making a comeback?

Although it’s not a particular gadget, we wanted to tip our hat to Intel for possibly setting the stage for a comeback in the mobile areas. We’ve now seen both tablets and smartphones running Intel processors, and it will be exciting to see what they come up with next.

Angry Birds for Samsung Smart TV

It was announced at CES that Finland’s pride and joy Angry Birds will come to Samsung’s SmartTVs. Now, we’re perhaps not that excited about that it’s Angry Birds and Samsung necessarily, but we look forward to what gaming has to offer on TVs in the future.

Toshiba Satellite Ultrabook

An apparently still unnamed ultrabook from Toshiba was on display. It promises to be a bit more affordable than present ultrabooks and supposedly it’ll be available in May for $799.

Panasonic Toughbook tablet

By specs and looks the Toughbook, a 10.1-inch ruggedized tablet running Android, doesn’t excite us much. But the fact that a Panasonic executive demoed it by dropping it on stage means it could be tough enough for us to carry with us in data centers and server rooms.

Is it a sign of things to come?

Some may say that big tech shows like CES are doomed; that they are a dying breed. We obviously don’t know if that’s true or not but, with the amount of new and cool technology coming out of Las Vegas this week, it’s hard to imagine that CES will disappear anytime soon.

What caught your interest from CES this week? Share with us in the comments below.

All photos appear courtesy of VentureBeat.


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