Stay warm this winter, in awesome geek style

Summer is over. The temperature is dropping and winter is looming on the horizon, which means that it’ll soon be time to take out those scarfs and snow caps and whatever other attire you use to protect yourself against the cold.
Many see this as an opportunity for self-expression, and the geeks of the world are no exception. Here’s how you can stay warm in awesome geek style throughout the winter.

Geeky scarfs to keep you warm

People seem to be knitting like crazy. When we looked around for geeky scarfs we found a ton of home-knitted, very cool scarfs. Here are some of the nicest ones we found.

Classic Space Invaders

Retro graphics is a suitable target for knitting. And what is more classic than this?

Photo by Kirstie Warner.

Go binary

You get bonus points if you actually make the binary spell out something.

Photo by Noodlehaven on Flickr.

More binary, and the start of a Pi scarf

How many significant digits will that Pi scarf end up with…?

Photo by Samurai Avon Lady (Melissa) on Flickr.

More Space Invaders love

Out of all patterns we found, various Space Invaders themes were by far the most popular.

Photo by Acrossthesea on Flickr.


Some Nintendo love shown here with this awesome Mario scarf.

Photo by Cassiecsmith (Cassie) on Flickr.

Keep your other bits warm as well

Of course, you may need to complement your attire with more than just a scarf when things start to get really chilly outside.

A binary snow cap

More stylish ones and zeros.

Photo by Lindsaydayton (Lindsay) on Flickr.

The geek cap

If people just don’t get it, spell it out. Geek, and proud of it!

Photo by Elzybit (Elsabeth Oakley) on Flickr.

A Space Invaders cap

Perhaps to match your Space Invaders scarf…?

Photo by .guilty on Flickr.

And finally, some gloves

And surprise, surprise, look at the theme. 🙂

Photo by Mojen (Jenny) on Flickr.

There’s more

We only included a small amount of what we found in this post. There are some very talented geeks out there, knitting to their hearts’ content and creating awesome scarfs, hats, snow caps, and lots of other cool geek attire. Unfortunately NO ONE here at the Pingdom office has any talent in that department, so we’re stuck with store-bought stuff.
Here are some more examples of cool winter attire à la geek:

If you have links to other geeky winter clothing, please share them with us in the comments!

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