Reddit twice as fast as Digg

Netscape, Digg and Reddit have “social news voting” in common, but their actual website design is quite different. We decided to take a closer look at their websites using the Full Page Test in Pingdom Tools.

Site			Load time	Size		Objects	Images	2.3 seconds	438.2 KB	105	94		2.2 seconds	271.3 KB	 76	66		1.1 seconds	 66.3 KB	 18	 9

(Objects show the total number of external objects loaded by the page (for example scripts, CSS files and images). We added an additional column to show how many of these are images.)

It’s interesting to see how much smaller the Reddit website is compared to the other two. Netscape is 6.6 times as large, and Digg is 4 times as large. That is one of the reasons why Reddit loads twice as fast as the other two.

This is just an example of the kind of information you can get about a website with Pingdom’s Full Page Test. There is a lot more information to be found than we have included here. And best of all, it’s completely free.

Read more about Pingdom Tools, or go directly to the Full Page Test.

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