Pingdom founder in book about entrepreneurship

Sam Nurmi, founder and CEO of Pingdom, has been profiled as one of only 15 people in a new book about entrepreneurship (the interview actually took place way back in October). The book contains plenty of good advice and is part of an initiative to inspire and stimulate budding young entrepreneurs and will be freely available in schools, universities and other educational outlets in our region of Sweden.

Sam Nurmi and Pingdom profiled in book about entrepreneurship.
Image: Sam Nurmi photographed in front of his beloved servers at Pingdom.

Sam was selected not only because of his work with Pingdom, but also because he is somewhat of a serial entrepreneur with a very good track record. He founded the Web hosting company Loopia with approximately 7000 euro in 1999. When Sam sold Loopia in 2005 to start his work on Ipwalk and Pingdom, it was the largest Web hosting company in Sweden. He was selected as one of the 25 most promising Web entrepreneurs in Sweden by the IDG magazine Internetworld in 2006.

The book was unveiled yesterday at the Västerås royal castle (fitting for the Royal Pingdom blog, then… ho hum 😉 ). The gala was attended by a plethora of established politicians, entrepreneurs and other company leaders, not to mention the press.

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