Impressive home networks

Most of us have at least one computer at home, some may even have a few. And then there are the ones that almost run their own data center at home, for private use.

We had a discussion here at Pingdom when one of our staff members re-configured his home network and added lots of fancy stuff. Well, we thought his network was cool before we found these.

Here’s a list of our favorites:

Lay it out nice

This diagram is so good looking and they have a network which seems to be all over the house.


A rack in the garage

Not everyone has a 42U server rack in the garage and VPN to the office.


Dual ISPs and a bunch of machines

Both ADSL and cable Internet connections powers the gadgets in this home.


Nicely laid out floor by floor

Clean overview of all computers in the house floor by floor.


The home that has everything almost

Everything seems to be able to be controlled through the network in this house.


Wireless IP camera in the barn

If you have a barn you should have a wireless IP camera there.


Wires and servers

Some servers in the office with tape backups.


A tech wizards network

These servers covers the need of a small company.


Two racks with servers at home

It look’s more like a hosting company then some ones home network.


A home filled with Apples

Mostly Apple products seems to be allowed in this home.


If you have a impressive home network you can upload it at Rate My Network Diagram and post it in our comments.


  1. It seems like humans are not needed inside these boxes. Maybe system administrator (sometimes) but definitely not mere mortals 🙂

  2. Wicked set up at the top. If only I had the time and the money to recreate such a masterpiece of networking. Ive been thinking about using my garage to set something like this up but lets say it not exactly in the right state right now for electronics. Guess it just one of those things I will never get around to doing. Nice thought though.

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