Geeky computer part art

We here at Pingdom clearly belong to the “geek category” of people here on Earth. We love computers and technology, and almost anything related to that. Even when the computers have been broken down and recycled, they can provide gratification, as shown by the pictures you see below.

This is a collection of art (and cool things that may or may not be art, but who are we to judge?) made with computer parts. It’s quite an eclectic mix from all around the world. We hope you’ll enjoy these 20 pictures of “computer part art.”

Some people use guard dogs, others use…

Apparently this behemoth is made almost entirely from spare computer parts.

Guard robot
Photo courtesy of Ashley Veselka.

Eggstra circuit boards

This egg is found near Stanford University in Palo Alto.

Circuit egg
Photo courtesy of Islanddave.

The most technology-filled lamp in the world

Literally stuffed with technology. Let us hope there isn’t too much flammable material in there.

Tech lamp
Photo courtesy of Jessica Tarlecki.

Tech scare

This sculpure from the UK is called the ”Weee Man.” Obviously created before Nintendo made Wii a fun and happy thing.

Scary tech sculpture
Photo courtesy of Will B.

The art of not working at work

Someone has too much time on their hands. But it IS cool.

Monitor arch
Photo found at

The tech palette

Perfectly adapted for tech art, isn’t it? Forget those oil paintings. The work of sculptor Pierre I. Brunet from Canada.

Tech palette
Photo courtesy of C.P. Storm.

A flower pot?

It’s either that (a flower pot) or a table with… eggs…? Eggs and chips? To be honest, we really, really don’t know.

Eggs and chips MAYBE
Photo courtesy of Nikhil Pahwa.

CapsLock it to the fridge

This, quite frankly, is the best fridge magnet ever.

Fridge magnet
Photo courtesy of Debby Arem.

Don’t SIT on the motherboard!

Somehow this doesn’t seem like a structurally sound idea.

Circuit board bench
Photo courtesy of Doug Chase.

Is that a Borg cube?

Borg cube, or…?

Cube art
Photo courtesy of Doug Chase.

Geek Harley

Considering the wheels, this one will at least have more storage capacity than a real Harley.

motor cycle from computer parts
Photo found at Splush.

The geek version of Mona Lisa

From an art exhibition in Beijing, China. The name of the piece? “Technology Smiling”. (Of course.)

Geek Mona Lisa
Photo found at Gizmodo UK.

Mouse mecha

After being kicked out of the Transformers, this robot went into deep depression.

Mouse mecha
Photo found over at TechEBlog.

High-tech dinosaur

The dinosaurs were apparently more technologically advanced than previously assumed. (Found during an excavation at CeBIT ´06.)

High-tech dino
Photo courtesy of Gizmodo UK.

Mac that only handles snail mail

Could this mailbox possibly be standing in front of the home of a Mac addict?

Apple Mac mailbox
Photo found at

Serving hard time

Yep, it’s a hard drive desk clock.

Hard disk drive clock
Photo via BusinessWeek.

This mouse clearly has a bug

Somehow we don’t want to use this mouse at all. Looks like it might be painful.

Mouse bug
Photo courtesy of

This server serves coffee

Normally coffee + computer is a bad idea.

Coffee computer
Photo found over at Virus in Training.

When geeks get married

Ok, so it’s a bracelet, not a ring. But it could be cool with a ring like that.

Circuit board and silver bracelet
Photo courtesy of 2-Roses.

Trinkets for everyone

Looks like someone’s found themselves quite a niche. Everything sold here is made from computer parts.
Computer part trinkets
Photo courtesy of Lotta Holmström.

There! That was the last of them. We hope you liked this collection. 🙂

Please feel free to share links to your own favorite “computer part art” in the comments.


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