Chart showing how utterly Facebook has destroyed MySpace

MySpaceAnd now for something short and sweet, or bittersweet if you worked at MySpace back in 2006-2007 when the social network was still going strong.

To say that Facebook stole MySpace’s thunder in those years is probably the understatement of the decade. By the end of 2008, the social media focus (and mindshare) had already shifted away from MySpace to Facebook in a massive fashion. A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a chart:

Facebook vs MySpace

Chart courtesy of Google Trends.


    1. @Cam: Not sure why, really. That’s around the time Microsoft invested in Facebook. It could also be a glitch in Google’s data. Or something else…?

  1. I never understood MySpace. In the pre-Facebook era I once made an account to comment on a band page. I instantly hated myspace. It was a catastrophy. Like a bunch of kids on a sugar rush were released on the layout. The second I logged on I knew that a mess like that could not keep existing for long. The only reason for it to exist that long was lack of any serious competition. So when a well structured Facebook came along it was no wonder people fled there. I can’t blame people. It’s MySpace’s own fault really. They obviously didn’t care about usability until it was too late.

  2. way to go Dark.. ignorant people like you who don’t understand HTML and are too stupid to figure out how to make their own page are the reason FACEBOOK was able to take over.. because people are too STUPID for myspace..and that’s what made it appealing to those of us with half an IQ…
    so now we know..majority rules….too bad it’s also a sign the world is doomed….

    MySpace’s downfall was trying to be like Facebook and adding all the stupid apps and games and making their pages customizable with the click of a monkey….. 

    And half of us were forced into migration because again.. majority rules……
    That migration was the beginning of the end on the internet being for anyone but the dumbed down masses…..

    1. myspace was always better. lol funny, i found this page tryna find some throwback pictures of myspace. i didn’t like facebook when i first got on it because i couldn’t do this. i liked it later because everyone was on it. i don’t have either one now.

      when facebook changed from wall to timeline, the only reason it didn’t go under……well, because it lacked any serious competition.

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