Behold, a new design for the Royal Pingdom realm

A majestic facelift that won’t hurt your eyes

As you clearly notice, things look different around here. The old blog is sent to a retirement home in sunny Florida where it’s now kicking back, sipping margaritas and catching some rays. The time has come for something fresh and optimized for a modern reading experience.

Simplicity is key. Much work has gone into selecting the right typographic factors and overall component readability.

“We aimed for a much more vivid experience with focus on legibility and larger images”, said John Karlsson, Graphic Designer at Pingdom. “Something that would fit its purpose, which obviously is to get visitors to enjoy content. Personally, I think the grid that displays the latest blog posts turned out great.”

Cross-platform thinking

“It’s vital that our readers can enjoy the new format in whatever device they want”, said Sebastian Scarpa, Frontend Developer, who had a non-interrupting reading experience in mind when programming, as well as making publishing new articles a breeze.

“It’s vital that our readers can enjoy the new format in whatever device they want”

“I’m a fan of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and it came in handy working with the featured image function. It makes image handling easier for the editor. Other than that it was a pretty straight forward blog build that turned out pretty sweet”, said Sebastian Scarpa.

Stay tuned for things to come

“Simple as that may seem, it took a little bit of doing to export 1,500 WordPress articles and try not to mess things up too bad”, said Jonas Strandell, Web Performance Marketing Manager, who has given the Pingdom audience plenty to reflect on during the years. “Hopefully, the joy of reading is something we can evoke with our audience and I wish Anders Klereborg, Copywriter, the best of luck, since he’s in charge of the content.”

Your friends at Pingdom hope you will enjoy the revamped design and you’re always, as always, welcome here. So thank you for your service, old blog. Keep on chillin’. You deserve it. And should you, our dear reader, feel like having the same refreshments as the timeworn veteran blog now enjoys, check out this beverage recipe.


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