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Website Uptime History – Analyze Historical Data

Analyzing website uptime history is one of the ways to prevent future site problems. SolarWinds® Pingdom® stores web performance data to help you identify trends indicating a website outage waiting to happen.


Uptime Monitoring As a Long-Term Strategy

Pingdom is a website monitoring solution that helps you detect outages, page speed, and website transaction issues causing web performance hiccups. Analyzing the history of tests helps you make crucial decisions on what page elements are most in need of improvement.

  • Comprehensive reports and visuals – Use the included filtering tools to slice-and-dice your website monitoring data. Cut to the heart of every issue to gain a deep understanding of how your website works, and where there may be problems threatening its stability.
  • Prove the value of your development efforts – Regular, automated uptime monitoring and on-page testing will reveal conclusive proof of the effects of your development work. The ability to generate informative charts at the click of the button means even non-technical users can see the positive outcomes of new enhancements and smaller tweaks.
  • Up to 400 days of historical insights – Pingdom Visitor Insights Report stores data on load time of your website as experienced by your actual visitors. The data retention period for this report is up to 400 days depending on the subscription plan. The page speed reports allow you to delve into each separate test results made during a two-week period to quickly analyze the results of website improvements.
Pingdom Page Speed Dashboard

Website monitoring in real time

Pingdom helps you improve your response to fast-moving events with uptime and transaction monitoring in real time. If your site goes down or there’s an issue regarding one of the crucial functionalities, Pingdom will send an emergency alert, so you can take immediate action.

  • Uptime checks every minute – Pingdom will ping your server every 60 seconds and notify you once no response is detected. You can minimize the outage time and start troubleshooting as soon as possible. For uptime checks, Pingdom uses a network of 100-plus probe servers located across the world to test website availability for all visitors, regardless of location.
  • Page speed and transaction checks – With page speed tests, you can identify what about a webpage is fast, slow, too big, what best practices you’re not following, and much more. Transaction monitoring helps you uncover all flaws related to crucial website transactions (such as sign-up, checkout, search, and more) and get alerted if any of these features is too slow or broken.
  • Reach the right person at the right time – Pingdom allows you to send uptime or transaction alerts using a selected channel to make sure the correct person gets notified as soon as possible. You can send monitoring alerts via email, SMS, push notifications, or popular collaboration platforms, such as Slack.
  • Analyze how fast webpage elements load – Each time you run a page speed check, you can see at what point each element was loaded using the waterfall graph. In addition to this, you can use the filmstrip view that takes a screenshot every 500ms, showing all elements present on the site in that moment. This feature provides ideas for changing the order in which page elements load, or the scripts that can be deferred to ensure customers see the most important product details first.

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