Test your web application’s availability from all over the world

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100+ test locations

Root cause analysis

Public status pages

Knowing your website is available and accessible to visitors is critical to every business.

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APIs make life easier

Integrate Pingdom data into your systems, custom applications, and reporting.

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Examine and optimize the load performance of your website’s critical pages.

Simple setup

Performance grades

Page speed history

Filmstrip and timeline metrics

With page speed monitoring you can help avoid slow loading pages, frustrated customers, and abandoned site visits.

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Do your code justice

Pingdom Page Speed

Identify bottlenecks and speed up your website.

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Help ensure your most vital site interactions function as expected.

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Built-in editor

Real browser testing

Easy reporting

Get immediate alerts when transactions fail, so you know there is an issue before your users do.

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Deliver seamless end user experience

Pingdom transactions

Be the first to know if critical site flows are broken.

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Reliable alerting for when you and your team need to be the first to know.

Multiple users

Alert levels


Integrated alerting

Automate delivery of alerts to get the right alert, to the right person, at the right time.

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Pingdom Alerting

Integrate with your favorite applications like Slack, OpsGenie, and more.

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A simple way to monitor web servers.

StatsD and alerts

Server grouping

90+ open-source plugins

Shareable dashboards

Simple and affordable web server monitoring.

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Powerful client-side and server-side monitoring.

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Synthetic Transaction Tools

Synthetic transaction monitoring tools are crucial for your efforts to deliver the best customer experience possible. By simulating real-world activities, SolarWinds® Pingdom® verifies that all possible website interactions are fully operational and optimized for maximum performance. And with automated, round-the-clock testing, you’ll get alerted about transaction errors within a matter of minutes.

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Seeing Behind the Scenes With Synthetic Transactions

How fast your page loads is just the first factor in keeping visitors on your site. But an all-round excellent user experience, including website conversions, are driven by the underlying transactions that provide functionality. Pingdom synthetic transaction tools are designed to help improve those experiences.

  • Automated, scheduled testing verifies that transactions are performing correctly around the clock—and alert you to any errors or performance bottlenecks immediately. Troubleshoot and fix problems before your customers are affected.
  • Test, benchmark, and analyze any website transaction, from clicking a specific on-screen button, through to the entire end-to-end checkout process. No matter how complex your website flow is, Pingdom has you covered.
  • Assess the global user experience with synthetic transaction tools that replicate web traffic from across the globe. You can quickly identify bottlenecks, and more serious issues—and begin formulating a targeted, effective solution.
  • Poor synthetic interaction performance can give you a false impression that the transaction process is well-designed. With Pingdom synthetic tests, you’ll get the real picture and avoid losing conversions to your competitors.

Synthetic Transactions, Real Results

Pingdom allows you to collate or compare synthetic web transaction monitoring with real user monitoring data to confirm the accuracy of your observations. This additional level of checking ensures that development resources are being directed towards issues that have the greatest impact on performance and user experience.

  • Synthetic transaction tests are performed with a real Chrome browser—just like the majority of your visitors use. The testing engine renders Javascript and other interactive functions exactly as seen on your website.
  • Code-free testing allows you to focus on the results, not the system configuration. Use the Pingdom built-in editor to recreate site interactions and an execution schedule. The system will even suggest likely validations and process steps to speed up deployment.
  • Pingdom retains a complete record of all synthetic web transaction monitoring tests that can be used for trend analysis. Coupled with powerful reporting tools, you can quickly demonstrate the outcomes of your continuous improvement program—or identify long-term, low-level transaction issues that are affecting website performance and conversion rates.
  • Dashboard views provide at-a-glance access to key performance metrics, alerts, and synthetic web transaction monitoring test results, so you never miss another important insight into back-end performance.
  • Visual reports, charts, and tables make it easy to share insights with non-technical users—or to simply communicate headline statistics more quickly and effectively.

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