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Ping Website – Check and Test Website Ping Times

Ping is arguably one of the most basic and vital tools in every website administrator’s toolkit—it lets you test if a host is reachable. Using SolarWinds® Pingdom®, you can check and test website ping times among many other web performance metrics.


Ping Check to Confirm Your Website Is Available

When customers expect your website to be available 24/7, inconsistent testing won’t reveal intermittent issues affecting speed and performance. Instead, you need tools to ping a website as part of an automated routine designed to continually improve the browsing experience for your visitors.

  • Global uptime monitoring – Today websites are typically based on many distributed servers and services to increase availability and performance for users across the world. A basic ping check will tell you if the primary web server is responding, but that’s not enough. Using a global network of 100-plus probe servers, Pingdom can confirm your website is available from all over the world, highlighting any local issues needing to be addressed.
  • Up-to-the-minute analysis – Pingdom can ping a website as often as once every 60 seconds and alert you as soon as an outage is detected.
  • A full record of response times – The results of every ping test are captured and recorded, allowing you to monitor web performance in the long run. You’ll quickly be able to determine whether there are ongoing performance issues needing to be addressed or random transient network conditions increasing response times intermittently.
  • Instant outage notifications – The moment Pingdom fails to receive a ping response, you’ll receive an automated alert warning of a potential website outage. These notifications are fully configurable and can be sent via email, SMS, or mobile app notification, so you’ll never miss the message.

Going Beyond the Ping

A ping response from your web server is an essential, albeit basic, indicator of web performance. You need several more performance metrics to understand what causes bottlenecks and analyze the browsing experience of your visitors.

  • Test every element on every page – For visitors, the speed at which they can begin interacting with your website is extremely important. Pingdom allows you to test every element of every page—including database transactions—to precisely detect those areas requiring further optimization to increase page speed.
  • Instant notifications if something breaks – Pingdom monitors every website change, planned or not, and lets you know when something unexpected happens. You’ll receive automated notifications for a range of events, such as HTTP status codes, content changes, excessively high ping response times, and more.
  • Real user data at your fingertips – Pingdom users get access to the real user monitoring (RUM) feature, which collects usage data from actual visitors. If you want a real understanding of what it’s like to interact with your website, you need to know these metrics.
  • Synthetic transaction monitoring – You can also set up synthetic transaction tests to identify all potential issues hindering the UX, especially those related to conversion rate. This is the best way to find out one of the transaction processes on your website is broken—before a user is affected.

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