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Website Availability Monitoring

Without a reliable automated tool for website availability monitoring, it may be hours before you realize there is a problem. SolarWinds® Pingdom® continuously checks your website for issues and alerts you the moment there’s an outage.


How Do You Check the Availability of a Website?

Whether you’re a web designer, developer, or marketer, your website is the first contact made with most customers. Each Pingdom availability test helps ensure your site is available round-the-clock—and that you know the moment a problem is detected.

Check website availability worldwide – Your ecommerce site serves a global audience, so you need to verify availability and performance locally. Pingdom has the infrastructure to verify your pages are loading correctly by automatically testing as often as every minute from over 100 locations all over the world.
What went wrong? – Sometimes an issue may be restricted to a single element, such as a failure in the payment processing engine, or a problem with a specific SQL query. Pingdom monitors for a range of problems including error messages, HTTP statuses, content changes, and much more. It does all this, on top of the regular website availability test.
Drill-down troubleshooting – As well as providing instant alerts about availability, Pingdom also performs initial tests to speed up troubleshooting and repair. From the control panel, you have access to a suite of additional tools allowing you to run a traceroute, dig in to see server response codes, and view log output from the web server.
Check website availability any place, any time – Pingdom is available on a range of devices—computer, mobile, and tablet. The Android and iOS mobile apps let you view important data, alerts, and statuses on the move. With the API, you can also access the website monitoring metrics from your own custom management tools.

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More Than an Advanced Website Availability Test

The availability test is just one of many Pingdom features designed to keep your online presence operating optimally. With a comprehensive suite of page testing tools, you can improve site performance and customer experience too.

Complete page performance testing – Pingdom tests your pages as often as once every minute. The graphic-driven reports show how all elements, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and images perform in relation to each other and highlight less than optimal performance. You can then create an action plan to prioritize and address these issues.
Get your whole team involvedAs soon as an outage is detected, Pingdom will send alerts to your team. Immediate notifications can be sent via email and SMS, mobile app push notifications, or piped to your developers’ groupware channel. With support for Slack, PagerDuty, HipChat, and more, you can make sure the outage notification reaches the correct person.
Avoid a repeat incident – By maintaining a complete report of every test, Pingdom allows you to analyze previous outages and the events leading up to them in minute detail. Use these reports to fix issues—and to put new processes and procedures in place to avoid dealing with similar incidents in the future.

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