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Pingdom provides us around the globe data regarding the Evernote service: is it up and is it performing. The service is great and helps me sleep at night, knowing we have that extra set of eyes watching the service.

— Alexei Rodriguez, VP of Operations, Evernote

Pingdom has become a crucial part of our uptime monitoring set up. I highly recommended it to any company that requires immediate notification when something isn't quite right on their web service or site.

— Zee M Kane, CEO, The Next Web

Pingdom is an essential tool for tracking the performance and uptime of our website. We rely extensively on Pingdom’s configurable alerts and impressive reporting capability. Their easy to use website and iPhone app make it a must have service for any internet company.

— Paul Huck, CTO, Rev.com

Pingdom’s Real User Monitoring data enabled us to improve conversion rates on opera.com, reducing page-load time and increasing browser downloads.

— Michael Link, VP Product Development – Services, Opera

Bartosz Olchowka

With Pingdom, we don't let our customers down in terms of LiveChat service uptime. It has become an important part of our internal ecosystem.

— Bartosz Olchowka Head of Development, LiveChat

Bartosz Olchowka

Pingdom provides an essential service to monitor uptime and performance of our web apps. Their monitoring tools not only give us more insight into performance but they also help give us peace of mind that our systems are being monitored and we'll be the first to know if any problems come up. We've been very happy with their service and the reliability of their monitoring, really can't praise them enough.

— Alex Phelps, Platform Lead, Pronto Marketing

We use Pingdom as a redundancy to our internal monitors and it has proven very valuable. We are also able to give customers reports on uptime based on Pingdom history.

— Penny Rand, Systems Architect, Thomson Reuters

Pingdom provides us a basic but vital and well priced service and I have been very happy with it over the past year.

— Jonathan Howell, CTO, Huddle

Disqus has been using Pingdom for over 5 years now. We trust and rely on them for uptime monitoring around the clock.

— Jason Yan, CTO, Disqus

Imgur has been using Pingdom since 2010 and it's been invaluable. It's a fantastic service and has helped us find problems with our site that we wouldn't have found otherwise.

— Alan Shaaf, Founder, Imgur

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