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Examine and optimize the load performance of your website’s critical pages.

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With page speed monitoring you can help avoid slow loading pages, frustrated customers, and abandoned site visits.

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Help ensure your most vital site interactions function as expected.

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Get immediate alerts when transactions fail, so you know there is an issue before your users do.

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A simple way to monitor web servers.

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Simple and affordable web server monitoring.

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Powerful client-side and server-side monitoring.

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“There are many monitoring services out there but very few that offer multi-page transactional monitoring and metrics reporting.”

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California, USA

Why pingdom?
- Reports
- Interaction monitoring
- HTTP Custom Tool

A recruiting platform to build the best teams

Jobvite provides a recruiting platform for the social web. Today's fastest-growing companies use applicant tracking, recruiter CRM and social recruiting software solutions from Jobvite to target the right talent and build the best teams.

Pingdom offers flexible tools

Theodore Kim is the Senior Director of SaaS Operations at Jobvite, he points out the need for monitoring by saying “We needed a simple yet robust tool that could give us a global perspective of page, and more importantly, multi-page transactional performance metrics.” In a nutshell Jobvite wanted to know how well their application was running from multiple locations. “There are many monitoring services out there but very few that offer multi-page transactional monitoring and metrics reporting. Pingdom offers both at a very reasonable price point,” says Theodore Kim.**

Prior to using Pingdom, Kim and his team at Jobvite tried different internal tools and monitoring servers spread across multiple AWS regions but they simply did not give them the reporting tools, alerting, and ease of reconfiguring transaction monitoring. “We decided to test several monitoring services and Pingdom gave us the most flexible set of tools for what we wanted to do,” he says.

Get round the clock metrics on website and service performance

Jobvite began by creating checks to monitor services such as MX mail exchangers, and specially designed web pages that would return certain text strings we could report on. They also wanted to monitor interactions that users have with the website, and especially making sure all steps in the application process on the website performed as intended. For that, Theodore Kim and his team decided to use Pingdom’s multi-step monitoring service Transaction Monitoring. Pingdom’s transaction monitor logs into Jobvite and clicks through several tabs of its application gathering metrics on page load time and availability. Jobvite also use HTTP custom checks to return metrics such as CPU load, and number of concurrent sessions via XML. “This is one of the features we leverage quite heavily, and it’s what really sets Pingdom – along with transaction monitoring – apart from the other monitoring tools that are available on the market,” adds Theodore Kim.

Asked what problems other business of similar size can solve with Pingdom, Kim says “to get round the clock metrics on website and service performance from a global perspective as well as alerting features. Pingdom is also very useful as a trending tool,” and also points to the ease of configurability, transactional monitoring support, and cost as incentives to use Pingdom.

As of now Jobvite aren’t using the Pingdom API but plan to integrate it into their reporting framework. “There’s a famous quote that states, ‘that which is measured improves, and that which is measured and reported upon improves exponentially.’ Pingdom is a tool that can help increase application performance and uptime by pinpointing where/when web applications are not performing according to specification,” concludes Kim.

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