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The number 1 global new media brand for smart, creative, stylish women

In 2005, four friends founded a company called Refinery29 with a mission to help people discover and refine their personal style. Starting with just a $5,000 investment and based out of a 750 square foot apartment, we published only one story a week. And now, nine years later, we've grown to over 200 employees and publish over 1,800 stories a month, which is 36 issues of an average fashion magazine. As time went on, we grew and grew — and were even named the fastest growing media company in the US. With 36 million visits per month, 258 million page views and over 2 million email subscribers, Refinery29 has created an awesome community. In addition to that, we have 5.3 million followers between all of our social channels!

Last year, people around the world spent more than 3.6MM hours on the site, which is more than 150,000 days or 411 years. And, what were people reading in all that time? Everything. Stories ranging from runway trends and beauty DIYs to dating disaster stories and articles featuring the latest world news — all with our signature Refinery29 wink, of course. Our content is global and local, with features, contributors, and ideas spanning the world. And with it, we strive to make Refinery29 the number-one destination for stylish, intelligent women who crave thought-provoking conversation around limitless ideas.

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