Test your web application’s availability from all over the world

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Root cause analysis

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Knowing your website is available and accessible to visitors is critical to every business.

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Integrate Pingdom data into your systems, custom applications, and reporting.

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Examine and optimize the load performance of your website’s critical pages.

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Page speed history

Filmstrip and timeline metrics

With page speed monitoring you can help avoid slow loading pages, frustrated customers, and abandoned site visits.

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Pingdom Page Speed

Identify bottlenecks and speed up your website.

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Help ensure your most vital site interactions function as expected.

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Real browser testing

Easy reporting

Get immediate alerts when transactions fail, so you know there is an issue before your users do.

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Deliver seamless end user experience

Pingdom transactions

Be the first to know if critical site flows are broken.

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Reliable alerting for when you and your team need to be the first to know.

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Integrated alerting

Automate delivery of alerts to get the right alert, to the right person, at the right time.

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Pingdom Alerting

Integrate with your favorite applications like Slack, OpsGenie, and more.

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A simple way to monitor web servers.

StatsD and alerts

Server grouping

90+ open-source plugins

Shareable dashboards

Simple and affordable web server monitoring.

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Powerful client-side and server-side monitoring.

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Cloud Performance Monitoring – Real-Time Metrics

Cloud performance monitoring using SolarWinds® Pingdom® is vital to ensuring your website and web applications are properly optimized for speed and availability.


Cloud-Based Solutions to Improve Performance

Monitoring web performance in the cloud gives you an invaluable insight into how well your website is performing without the need of building a home-grown monitoring solution. Pingdom provides several useful functions to help guide your optimization efforts and ensure your developers can deliver continuous load time improvements.

  • Page speed monitoring – Testing how fast your page loads just once or a few times may not be enough. With Pingdom, you can track your website’s performance through speed tests done under optimal conditions. They’ll help you understand how all aspects of your website perform in relation to each other, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images. Analyze file sizes, load times, and details about every element of a webpage to understand what’s slowing you down and how to improve your page speed.
  • Transaction testing – Every user interaction is effectively a transaction, passing data between browser and back-end database. The faster these transactions complete, the more performant your application will be. Pingdom allows you to map out each transaction before testing them automatically according to a schedule of your choice to help you identify where transactions are underperforming.
  • Real user monitoring (RUM)Real user monitoring gives you the ability to see exactly what each visitor sees as they interact with your application or website. You can track their journey in real time, monitoring every click and input to spot usability issues as well as general performance problems.
  • Web performance history – Pingdom keeps a record of web performance tests so you can analyze and compare stats after making improvements. The page speed report shows test results as far two weeks back in time, while the visitor insights report stores data for up to 400 days. The data retention period for transaction reports is “forever,” meaning you can view the data as far back as you’d like.
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Cloud Monitoring to Get Alerted When Your Website Is Down

Cloud-based monitoring can get you alerted to an outage of the whole website or crucial transactions as soon as possible, so none of your users are affected. Use Pingdom to ensure the correct person receives the message and starts the troubleshooting process.

  • Uptime checks every minute – Pingdom checks availability every 60 seconds and sends alerts as soon as an issue is detected. Using a network of 100-plus probe servers distributed around the world, Pingdom can check your website availability from a broad range of geographic locations simultaneously.
  • Alerts through the channel you like – In case of an outage or an underperforming website transaction, Pingdom notifies the correct person through the most suitable channel. It sends alerts through email, SMS, push notifications, or a popular collaboration tool, such as Slack, PagerDuty, or OpsGenie.
  • Any time, any place, any device – The Pingdom platform is accessible from a broad range of devices, allowing you to assess cloud performance whenever and however is most convenient for you. A powerful web interface allows you to access settings and reports from your desktop computer. And mobile apps (iOS and Android) provide instant access to performance alerts and statuses, so you can begin troubleshooting issues as quickly as possible.
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Get Your Web Performance Monitoring to the Cloud

Cloud-hosted applications call for a robust cloud-based monitoring solution—SolarWinds Pingdom.


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