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Application Availability Monitoring

Monitor and optimize your critical website pages with SolarWinds® Pingdom® application availability monitoring. Keep track of page load time to ensure optimum webpage performance and avoid abandoned site visits.


Monitoring Application Outages From Multiple Locations

Monitor outages from different geographic locations and gain a complete understanding of your application’s performance. With Pingdom, check the status of your application’s availability quickly and provide users uninterrupted access to online services.


  • Ping Monitor – Pingdom, with its ping monitor, checks the availability of your application once every minute. In case the application stops responding, the ping monitor sends an alert for an outage. Teams can re-establish operations by implementing emergency troubleshooting procedures as soon as possible.
  • Real-time User Monitoring – Pingdom Real User Monitoring (RUM) enables you to track users/visitors’ website journey/interactions in real-time. Collect real user data to get insights into your application’s availability and deliver optimum page speed for potential users/visitors.
  • Page Loading Time – Pingdom offers a filmstrip feature for users to view their page performance, page speed, and capture a screenshot every 500ms. This valuable insight provides information about what users can see on their screens and for how long. Having this information, webmasters can re-order application elements to ensure quick application and page availability.

Advanced Application Availability Testing

Pingdom advanced application availability and performance testing help ensure the application is available 24/7. With proactive monitoring set up and the right alerting configured, continuously track website performance and get notified of outages in real time.


  • Automatic Testing – Pingdom continuous synthetic tests check your application availability and performance from over 100 locations. Monitor a range of issues, including HTTP statuses, error messages, and problems restricted to a single element such as payment process, specific SQL query, and more.
  • Quick Troubleshooting – Pingdom provides a suite of additional tools, so webmasters to run a traceroute to speed up the troubleshooting and repair process. View application monitoring metrics, including data, alerts, and status on the fly to resolve errors quickly.
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Pingdom generates graphic-driven reports to show the performance of the elements in an application such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images. The tool maintains a complete report of every test to analyze previous outages, prevent those incidents from occurring again, and helps you create an action plan to address the issues.

Uptime Monitoring

With Pingdom Uptime Monitoring, test the availability of your application, receive instant alerts, and diagnose outages. Examine the response time of an application, configure elements, and prevent recurring issues.


  • Root-Cause Analysis – Pingdom provides an in-depth root-cause analysis feature to drill down to the actual cause of an outage and identify the output of the application. The results are collated for advanced reporting and analysis. The page speed analysis data based on real users can be stored for future analysis for up to 400 days.
  • Instant Alerts – Get notifications as soon as the outage is confirmed by a second probe server. Choose to get alerted via SMS, email, or push notifications based on the severity of an outage. Integrate with collaborative platforms like Slack, OpsGenie, and PagerDuty to get notified about issues on the go.
  • Public Status Pages – Pingdom provides customizable public status pages to share the application availability with customers or team members. Display relevant checks, uptime historical data, and the current status of the application’s availability and performance.
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