Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate visitor interaction with your site to monitor the end user experience.

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Simulate visitor interaction

Identify bottlenecks and speed up your website.

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Real User Monitoring

Enhance your site performance with data from actual site visitors

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Real user insights in real time

Know how your site or web app is performing with real user insights

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Infrastructure Monitoring Powered by SolarWinds AppOptics

Instant visibility into servers, virtual hosts, and containerized environments

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Comprehensive set of turnkey infrastructure integrations

Including dozens of AWS and Azure services, container orchestrations like Docker and Kubernetes, and more 

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Application Performance Monitoring Powered by SolarWinds AppOptics

Comprehensive, full-stack visibility, and troubleshooting

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Complete visibility into application issues

Pinpoint the root cause down to a poor-performing line of code

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Log Management and Analytics Powered by SolarWinds Loggly

Integrated, cost-effective, hosted, and scalable full-stack, multi-source log management

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Collect, search, and analyze log data

Quickly jump into the relevant logs to accelerate troubleshooting

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Website Analysis Tool

Organizations must analyze their website regularly to optimize it for better user experience and performance. SolarWinds® Pingdom® real user monitoring (RUM) is a lightweight website analysis tool designed to help customers gain live visitor insights into user behavior, analyze site experience, monitor page view trends, and gather high-level summaries of key performance and usage metrics.

Identify Geographic Hot Spots With Live Mapping

Geographic hot spots are the areas, regions, or locations with downtime or web performance issues. Pingdom live mapping feature helps identify which regions are experiencing outages and a poor user experience. Organizations can easily monitor and analyze usage trends across regions and devices. With this analysis, they can focus and prioritize efforts on specific areas of improvement. Moreover, the tool allows users to check the functionality, speed, and accessibility of the website by comparing past time periods up to a year ago.

RUM filtered view

Analyze User Experience With Advanced Filtering

With scalable and event-based real user monitoring (RUM) features, organizations can efficiently monitor webpages and start viewing live visitor insights within seconds. Pingdom RUM allows organizations to analyze user behavior and filter real user data based on the browser, device, and platform used to access the website. Teams can also identify from where the visitors are accessing the website. This is crucial for gaining insight into website usage trends, performance gaps, and user-experience-related issues. With these insights, development teams can make informed decisions for improving their sites or web applications.

RUM Apdex Score

Identify Optimization Opportunities Through Customer Satisfaction Levels

Pingdom regularly monitors website health and performance to ensure an outage is noticed and resolved quickly to deliver a seamless user experience. Teams can set performance levels and analyze performance metrics like Apdex score to measure customer satisfaction. Identification of metrics such as time to first byte and load times helps to identify optimization opportunities and troubleshoot performance issues. 

RUM sharing report

Manage and Share Custom Reports

Regular reporting helps organizations measure the success of their website development and improvement efforts. With Pingdom RUM, organizations can customize, filter, and share reports with key stakeholders and clients. Reports provide page-level metrics to ensure the website’s most critical pages are operational and performing well. With its page grouping feature, development teams can share high-level summaries by consolidating performance metrics of related pages.

RUM 1 year data

Analyze Year-Over-Year Data to Identify User Behavior

Pingdom allows organizations to discover and analyze usage metrics, identify areas of website improvement, and more. Teams can compare yearly data, including the top-visited pages, platforms, and browsers used by visitors, active and inactive sessions, and bounce rates. This crucial information helps organizations identify the pages where the users are spending most of their time and on which browser (Chrome, Firefox, and more) the website is functioning at its best. When these metrics are used for website analysis along with SolarWinds Pingdom synthetic monitoring, teams can work more efficiently while troubleshooting events.

Analyze Website Performance Metrics and End-User Experience with Pingdom

SolarWinds Pingdom Real User Monitoring is a lightweight website analysis tool designed to help you get insights into user behavior, analyze site experience, monitor page view trends, and gather high-level summaries of key performance and usage metrics.

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