Web Performance Optimization

Deliver a first-class end-user performance, analyze load speed, and learn how to optimize performance. Identify what about a web page is fast, slow, too big, what best practices you’re not following, and much more. 

Continuously Monitor Your Website’s Performance

Everybody loves a fast website. But poor performing code, third-party services, and bloated assets can spark widespread dissatisfaction and negatively impact users perception of your service. The Pingdom Website Speed Test is a renowned service in the developer community, and its now available as an automated service. You will get insights on performance issues before they impact your users, and what you can do to optimize your web development.


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Learn How Chartbeat Uses Pingdom

Make data-driven decisions about how to optimize web dev. Pingdom adds detailed, easy-to-understand insights into how users experience websites and apps.

Examine the impact of changes

Comprehensive visualizations help you understand how the changes you’ve made affect your page’s performance.

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Identify trends

See whether website changes had the intended effect using historical data and use these insights to make further improvements.


Performance grades

Comprehend page performance at a glance with aggregated performance grades, summarizing the results of every test performed.

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Filmstrip & Timeline metrics

For the time it takes to load a page, filmstrip screenshots capture elements present on the site every 500 ms.

Optimize the performance of your website

Knowing how quickly a webpage loads is not enough. With Pingdom, you can continuously track website performance and availability from all over the world. Learn how users experience your service, and filter that data by geography, device, browser, and much more.

Understand and improve on interactions, including search forms, login, and shopping carts, and learn how they perform in relation to each other.

The sooner you know about a problem, the sooner you can fix it. Conversely, if you don’t know about a problem, you can’t fix it.

Pingdom provides us around-the-globe data regarding the Evernote service. The service is great and helps me sleep at night.​

— Alexei Rodriguez, VP of Operations, Evernote

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