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All websites run into trouble from time to time, Murphy’s Law will make sure of that. There simply are too many things that can break a website, from server hardware issues to software issues to coding errors to network downtime to power outages to... The possibilities are, as the saying goes, endless.

The sooner you know about a problem, the sooner you can fix it. Conversely, if you don’t know about a problem, you can’t fix it. Think about your reputation, because outages are often discussed in public, and with less-than-kind words. A website monitoring service is a really smart decision! Start a risk-free 14-day trial and give it a spin!

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Website monitoring made easy

Pingdom makes it easy for you to monitor the uptime and performance of your website or server. Website monitoring is just as important as antivirus or a backup service.

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Be the first to know that your site is down

• Is your website available? – Pingdom has the infrastructure to verify that your website works, by automatically testing them as often as every minute from over 50 locations all over the world.

• Know when something breaks – When something happens, you will immediately be alerted. You can get alerts when things break, on error messages, HTTP status, content changes, and lots more. When your website becomes available again our system will notify you that all is well.

• Reports to prove your point – All tests performed on your website are saved and presented in easy to understand reports. To help you make data-driven decisions on improvements, we have equipped all reports with beautiful graphs for a clean-cut overview.

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Everyone loves a fast website

Take full advantage of the web performance monitoring features that come with Pingdom so you can analyze what’s slow on your website, and ensure you give your visitors the best experience.

• Latest performance trends View trends to spot any changes in load time that happened over time. For example, if a peak in load time coincided with a peak in the number of visitors and how it compares to previous load times.

• Your long tail of performance Every visitor will have a different experience depending on where they are, what device they use, their connection, etc. Pingdom will let you see every user’s experience, even the long tail of users that see slower loads. The long tail of load times for your site is worth money.

• Understand and examine everything The process of loading a web page consists of separate steps called loading states. When you click on a link in a web browser to go to a web page, a complicated process starts. If you’re a webmaster, monitoring this process to see how the performance of your site is affected can be critical to delivering a good user experience to your visitors.

“Pingdom’s Real User Monitoring data enabled us to improve conversion rates on, reducing page-load time and increasing browser downloads.”
Michael Link, VP Product DevelopmentOpera testimonial
“Pingdom provides us around the globe data regarding the Evernote service. The service is great and helps me sleep at night.”
Alexei Rodriguez, VP of OperationsEvernote