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Create better website experiences for your customers

Site experience monitoring that helps make sense of how changes in your site's performance affects your customers' experience and your bottom line

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Start delivering streamlined site experiences

Setup is fast and incredibly simple: all it takes is a tiny JavaScript snippet on your site and watch granular data from your actual site visitors roll in real-time.

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Guess less, know more about your customers

Visitor Insights gives you insights into:

How site experience differs for customers around the world

Make intelligent site optimization based on who your most valued customers are, where they come from and how they choose to visit your site.

How your customers experience different parts of your site

Identify trends in visitor behaviour and which pages are most crucial to your business allowing you to prioritize what's important.

Where and why your customers leave

Granular visitor data presented intuitively allows you to pinpoint where your customers get stuck and what's caused a bottleneck.

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Don’t let your customers bounce for the wrong reason

Track how your customers experience across one page or 1000. Group crucial pages together to identify different performance trends across pages in different product categories, or simply your most important pages.

Whether it's performance issues that affect your entire site or a single page, make intelligent optimizations based on data from your visitors in real time.

Make sure every customer experience is a happy one

Lots of data on your site visitors is great, but being able to get the information you need from it quickly is better.

With robust filters, see how visitor experience differs depending on where in the world they visit from and which devices and browsers they use. Make sure your site works perfectly for your most valued customers, wherever or however they visit your site.

It gives us the possibility to zoom in on a certain part of a platform to make sure we focus on the most important ‘win'.’’

Arthur Engel, Technical Director at E-sites

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