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Let us walk you through an example

Transaction editor

Try it yourself!

Create your own test to see how easy it is. Please note that you can only take the editor for a spin here; it’s not possible to save the test or its result. In the full Transaction Monitor, you can save the test, and it will be run automatically to measure the speed of the website transactions and identify any potential issues.


Test forms and web flows

Just enter a URL to start with and then, for example, enter some text into a search box, and click the search button. After this you can verify that you can see the search results and that everything has worked as it should.

Real browser testing

We are using a WebKit compatible browser in the background so JavaScript and interactive functions are working just as when you visit a page with your regular browser.


You can view reports of how your Transaction Monitor tests have performed and any issues that may have been identified. You can also get a daily email with a summary of the results.

Easy to use editor

To create a test we have built an editor that will guide you as much as possible through the process. It’s like coding, but you don’t need to be a programmer, everything is given to you through automatic suggestions.