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Third-Party Applications
Cog code gray 4af0cfdffc10599c835b4e00de91795efe87c7d38e23e51fb7c0ceb15e8cc54a Real User Monitoring module for Drupal ™

Inserts the JavaScript snippet you’re given into the HEAD-tag of the website you wish to monitor.

Drupal Modules
P osx gray c4c4e7f7deea73af6c2854c9b41023c8c5bb2c9e490f3923b7e07415e3df476b Pingdom Alert App for Windows® 8

Get alerts and your current status directly via Live Tiles to your Windows 8 tablet/laptop or desktop.

Windows Store
P win gray 4862de165727c79b6a322881eb56b3e666122e142964e7ba27aeeb95939b45f3 Pingdom Notifier for mac®

This notifier adds an icon to the top menu that displays the status recieved from your checks at Pingdom.

Pingdom Notifier
Warning browser gray 8b3972bb9cb3e32bfb5fa672eb9d87fa92c239b9221bf85419941a08d21f7549 Pingdom Desktop Notifier for Windows®

Surrey Business IT developed a desktop notifier application for Pingdom’s website monitoring service.

Desktop Notifier