Test your web application’s availability from all over the world

Instant alerts

100+ test locations

Root cause analysis

Public status pages

Knowing your website is available and accessible to visitors is critical to every business.

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APIs make life easier

Integrate Pingdom data into your systems, custom applications, and reporting.

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Examine and optimize the load performance of your website’s critical pages.

Simple setup

Performance grades

Page speed history

Filmstrip and timeline metrics

With page speed monitoring you can help avoid slow loading pages, frustrated customers, and abandoned site visits.

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Do your code justice

Pingdom Page Speed

Identify bottlenecks and speed up your website.

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Help ensure your most vital site interactions function as expected.

Instant alerts

Built-in editor

Real browser testing

Easy reporting

Get immediate alerts when transactions fail, so you know there is an issue before your users do.

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Deliver seamless end user experience

Pingdom transactions

Be the first to know if critical site flows are broken.

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Reliable alerting for when you and your team need to be the first to know.

Multiple users

Alert levels


Integrated alerting

Automate delivery of alerts to get the right alert, to the right person, at the right time.

Be the first to know

Pingdom Alerting

Integrate with your favorite applications like Slack, OpsGenie, and more.

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A simple way to monitor web servers.

StatsD and alerts

Server grouping

90+ open-source plugins

Shareable dashboards

Simple and affordable web server monitoring.

Pingdom and AppOptics - Better Together.


Powerful client-side and server-side monitoring.

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Uptime monitoring tests the availability of your website, applications and servers

Set up

Start monitoring the availability of website, application or server in less than 3 minutes

Get notified

Receive an alert via SMS, email or webhook the moment an incident occurs

Take action

Diagnose the issue within seconds, allowing you to resolve the issue quickly and confidently

Get notified of site availability issues

Knowing when your site is unavailable is critical to any business. That’s why Pingdom will immediately alert you in a way that suits you via email, SMS, push notification to your mobile device and integration with your favorite app! Before alerting you we always perform a second check on every incident from to filter out false positives, so we don’t unnecessarily disturb you.

With customizable alerting, you can choose to get alerted immediately for very critical services or delay alerts by any interval up to 1 hour. Alerts can also be resent at an interval up to 4 times after the initial alert.

Pingdom is a crucial part of our monitoring set up. I highly recommended it to any company that requires immediate notification when something isn’t right.

Zee M Kane, CEO at The Next Web

You’ll be in good company

Monitor your site from almost everywhere

With over 100+ servers worldwide, you can monitor your site availability from where it matters most

Monitor your site from almost everywhere

If your most important visitors come from a specific part of the world, you’ll want to ensure your site is always available to them. Monitor your site’s availability from specific global regions, such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Get to the root of the problem

Knowing of a website incident is only half the battle: you want to find the cause of the problem and resolve it quickly. Pingdom run additional tests and perform a Root Cause Analysis, allowing you to establish what went wrong and minimize the time spent on issue resolution.

For every incident, you can run a traceroute of the issue, identify the output from a web server and examine server response codes.

With Pingdom we have reporting resource that allow us see how things were working, and what kind of performance we were attaining.

Trey Guinn, Solution Engineer at Cloudflare

Transparency inspires loyality

Pingdoms easy to use public status pages let you easily share uptime to your customers or colleagues. Included in all plans, takes 10 seconds to set up, trusted by everyone.


Easily configurable to suit your own brand and only display relevant checks.

Historical Data

Choose between just showing the current status or include historical data if you want to brag about your excellent uptime.

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