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A unified, holistic, Real User Monitoring platform

Guess less, know more

Collect real performance data from your actual visitors with an incredibly simple setup.

All your data behind a single pane of glass

Enter the URL from where you want Pingdom to collect user data and the satisfaction parameters for your site’s visitor load times

Tiny performance overhead

Collect performance and experience metrics for millions of visitors straight away with our small JavaScript snippet.

View performance trends

Comprehensive visualizations help you understand how changes in site performance affect your visitors' experience.

Don’t let your visitors bounce for the wrong reason

Today’s internet users expect a fast and streamlined web experience. No matter how good your content or how effective your marketing, they will soon be gone if you fail to meet their expectations.

Real User Monitoring lets you discover how site performance issues affects your visitors' experience. So that you can take action in time, before your business is impacted.

Big or small, Real User Monitoring monitors it all

No matter if your site has one or 1000 pages, analyze how your visitors experience each and every one of them. With Real User Monitoring's page grouping feature, see aggregate performance data for similar yet vital pages, like your product inventory.

Enhance web performance for important users



Median load time




Maybe a particular part of the world is important to your business, but for some reason your site is really slow to access from there. Filter data from specific users for greater insight on the regional performance of your website. By setting your own performance levels for what is considered satisfactory, you can help ensure your most valuable customers get the site experience they deserve.

A deeper understanding of your site experience with filterable data

How your visitors experience your site can differ depending on the browser, device, and platform they use. Identify how your most valued customers access your website and make informed optimizations to deliver great performance for those who matter most.

Built for scalability

Real User Monitoring is an event-based solution, meaning your can monitor millions of pageviews without compromising the fidelity of your historical data, or breaking the bank in the process.

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