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Website Status Monitor

Pingdom Alerts


Immediate and reliable alerts

When something breaks – because it will – Pingdom will immediately alert you in a way that suits you. You can be alerted via email, SMS, or a notification to your Android or iOS device. Before alerting you we always double check an issue so we don’t unnecessarily disturb you.

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Simple Alerts

Get the information you need to analyze and solve the issue. When your website becomes available again we notify you that all is well.

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You can choose to be notified immediately – for critical services – or when your website has been down for a selected number of minutes.

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Use webhooks so you can build and integrate Pingdom with popular software like PagerDuty, HipChat, Slack, and many more.

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Contacts & Users

Assign your team members to get either full access to your Pingdom account, or just getting the alerts when something happens.

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Errors do happen

Optimize your Pingdom alerts

Since the Internet isn’t as stable as one could think; this is mostly due to its widespread infrastructure. Pingdom was made to directly alert our users of any downtime that might occur on servers and websites. With Pingdom you can select when you wish to be alerted for the outage. With very critical services, you want to get alerted immediately. You can also set it to after 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc. And you can select to resend the alerts at an interval up till 4 times after the initial alert.

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