Use Pingdom for all uptime and performance monitoring needs

Pingdom makes it easy for you to monitor the uptime and performance of your website or server. Here is a look at why monitoring is just as important as antivirus or a backup service.

Is your website available?

Monitoring your website is a smart decision

Websites today are increasingly more complex and rely on many critical parts that can break. When that happens – and it will – you want to be the first know. Pingdom has the infrastructure to verify that your website works, by automatically testing them as often as every minute from over 50 locations all over the world.

Know when something breaks

SMS, Twitter, Email and In-App Notifications

When something happens, you will immediately be alerted. You can get alerts when things break, on error messages, HTTP status, content changes, and lots more. We always double-check an issue, so we don’t unnecessarily disturb you. When your website becomes available again our system will notify you that all is well.

Reports to prove your point

Keep track of your website’s performance

All tests performed on your website are saved and presented in easy to understand reports. To help you make data-driven decisions on improvements, we have equipped all reports with beautiful graphs for a clean-cut overview. Also, any repeating patterns of outages over time is clear to see in the reports.

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When it breaks, find out why

Analyze and come up with a solution to fix it

So you got alerted and you notified your customers of the issues, now what? We pride ourselves in having a service that is easy to use, so whenever we detect an issue we run additional tests to further help you out. In our control panel you can run a traceroute, dig in to see server response codes and the output from a web server.

How does your website perform?

Real data from real visitors equals real performance data

So your website is up and running smoothly, but do you know how your visitors experience your website, right now? Utilize Real User Monitoring to see performance data from your actual visitors. It gives you invaluable insights into your website’s load time, and also helps answer questions like how your website really perform from a specific country or web browser.

Identify broken interactions

Because your customers want to log in, search, and purchase

Some interactions on your website are particularly important, and you want to make sure those parts aren’t broken or slow. If there are issues with the log in, search form, check out, or any other key interactions on your website you will be the first know and can take actions to fix it.

Use Pingdom everywhere

Available for free on your mobile devices

Not at your desk? No problem. Keep up to date at work, at home or on the go – Pingdom is available on your computer, mobile, and tablet. There are mobile apps for Android and iOS, which let you view important data, alerts and statuses. Also, you can always access Pingdom in any way you want by using our API.

Try Pingdom for free! - it’s super easy! Get started now

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