Fast and Reliable Website Monitoring

Make sure you’re always the first to know when your site is unavailable or slow.

Easy and affordable, end-user experience monitoring

Complete monitoring combines synthetic and real user monitoring for ultimate visibility and enhanced troubleshooting.

Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate visitor interactions so you can be the first to know if your site is down, if your site is slow, or if a critical flow is broken. Pingdom offers the following synthetic monitoring tools:

  • Uptime monitoring: monitor site availability from over 100 locations worldwide
  • Page speed analysis: know when and why your site is slow to help you troubleshoot
  • Transaction monitoring: test transactions such as user logins, searches, shopping cart checkouts, and more

Real User Monitoring

Gain visibility into how actual end users are interacting with and experiencing your website:

  • Know how your site is performing with real user insights in real time
  • Understand how your visitors experience your site based on browser, device, and geographic location
  • Compare usage metrics over time
  • Set your own KPIs and SLAs or use our defaults

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