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A collection of powerful features and plugins

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Real User Monitoring


View some of the performance data of any website you browse to with the Pingdom Real User Monitoring bookmarklet. Our full Real User Monitoring service is of course way more comprehensive. Drag the bookmarklet button to your bookmarks bar. Go to the website you want to see the performance of. Click “Pingdom RUM Performance” in the toolbar.

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3rd-Party App

WordPress Plugin

A simple plugin to help you add your Pingdom Real User Monitoring code snippet to the tag of your WordPress blog. Once added, Pingdom immediately starts collecting data from your website's visitors.


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3rd-Party App

Status Board Widget

Display the status of your Pingdom checks in the Status Board app for iPad from Panic. Information how you set up the widget for Status Board is available on our blog.

Status Board blog post

Third-Party Applications
Cog code gray 4af0cfdffc10599c835b4e00de91795efe87c7d38e23e51fb7c0ceb15e8cc54a Real User Monitoring module for Drupal ™

Inserts the JavaScript snippet you’re given into the HEAD-tag of the website you wish to monitor.

Drupal Modules
P osx gray c4c4e7f7deea73af6c2854c9b41023c8c5bb2c9e490f3923b7e07415e3df476b Pingdom Alert App for Windows® 8

Get alerts and your current status directly via Live Tiles to your Windows 8 tablet/laptop or desktop.

Windows Store
P win gray 4862de165727c79b6a322881eb56b3e666122e142964e7ba27aeeb95939b45f3 Pingdom Notifier for mac®

This notifier adds an icon to the top menu that displays the status recieved from your checks at Pingdom.

Pingdom Notifier
Warning browser gray 8b3972bb9cb3e32bfb5fa672eb9d87fa92c239b9221bf85419941a08d21f7549 Pingdom Desktop Notifier for Windows®

Surrey Business IT developed a desktop notifier application for Pingdom’s website monitoring service.

Desktop Notifier