Easy to use website monitoring to drive your business

Whether you’re a retail giant or a mom and pop operation, your online store is always open for business. With Pingdom, you get a clear picture of how your customers experience your site, identify pain points preventing sales and be the first to know your store is unavailable, anywhere in the world.

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Tictail is monitoring 125,000 online stores with Pingdom

Helping brands and retailers to easily start a beautiful, and easy-to-use, online store is exactly what Tictail is all about. With over 125,000 stores online and 1,000,000 products, the Swedish DIY e-commerce platform company has a clear idea about availability and web performance; “We needed best in breed monitoring, and Pingdom was a natural choice.”

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Drive your business with insights

Poor performance can cost your online business money, and customer loyalty. Our Real User Monitoring service gives you insight on trends and helps you answer questions like how does your website really perform from a specific country or web browser.

Real-time performance data means you can choose to see your customers’ interactions as they happen or select a specific time range.

Easy to set up with only a small JavaScript snippet required on your site for us to start collecting performance data.

Richer performance data means complete web pages are loaded, giving you a clearer picture of how your site performs across different browsers, countries and platforms.

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Ensure you customers always have a smooth experience

Noticing a drop in sales? Customers complaining that they can’t log in? Be aware of it before they are with Synthetic Transaction Monitoring to test the complex user interactions on your site.

Real browsers are used to test your transactions so JavaScript and interactive functions work just as when you visit a page with your regular browser.

Easy to set up with our built-in editor to set up all the steps involved in a transaction with no coding required: everything is given to you through automatic suggestions.

Monitor everything from simple to highly complex transactions such as new user registrations, logins, checkout processes, URL hijacking and much more.

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“Pingdom is a crucial part of our monitoring set up. I highly recommended it to any company that requires immediate notification when something isn’t right.”
Zee M Kane, CEOTnwlogo
“Pingdom provides us around the globe data regarding the Evernote service. The service is great and helps me sleep at night.”
Alexei Rodriguez, VP of OperationsEvernote