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“Quality is extremely important to our company. Monitoring is a way of enforcing quality.”

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Why pingdom?

Connecting sport fans with thousands of athletes

Sqor Sports is a sports and social networking platform connecting athletes and fans with content from more than 1,200 professional and amateur athletes.

Setting up Pingdom was easy

Sqor Sports and the CTO Noah Gift set out to find a custom uptime monitoring service that they could use against REST endpoints. One of their requirements was custom application response time monitoring, and Noah knew he wanted a SaaS solution.

“The service had to be SaaS, be reasonably priced, easy to configure and have basic features I required like notification when services are down,” says Noah Gift.

“I was really impressed with how easy it was to set things up,” adds Noah Gift and continues “I just entered all of the REST endpoints I wanted to monitor.”

Sqor Sports built its mobile application and website by first building APIs, then building solutions on top of those APIs. This allowed them to create not only a web and mobile application, but also a complete platform and social and gamification ecosystem.

Decreased manual effort with Pingdom

One of the positive outcomes from monitoring its website, and a really big win is that everything is now programmatic “We can see a decreased manual effort needed to watch the uptime of our site,” says Noah Gift and he puts emphasis on that using Pingdom is a developer friendly service that automates many systems administration functions.

Sqor Sports is also making good use of the Pingdom API “We use the API to pull down the monitoring URLs and then perform load tests based on those values,” says Gift.

“We have built a platform and service oriented architecture, as a result, we monitor our APIs so we can ensure our platform is functioning as expected,” concludes Noah Gift.

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