Beyond Nines

“The service has been phenomenal. It’s so reliable and easy to use. That hasn't been the case with other services that we've had in the past.”

Software and hosting

Beyond Nines works with nonprofit organizations to provide them with the knowledge, customization, and services that allow them to get more out of their technology investments. Beyond Nines’ vision is to build and lead a global community of independent-thinking Blackbaud software users who effect change and make a difference through the advancement of their causes.

Glen Kendell co-founded Beyond Nines and serves as the company’s President of Hosting and Operations. Beyond Nines uses VMware as their hosting platform. The client software is all Windows-based, and is actually a client-server software.

“We set up each client with their own set of virtual servers. They get an SQL server, a terminal server, a domain controller, and other servers depending on the complexity and configuration of their environment. This could even include a web server,” says Kendell.

Transparency at the core of business

The name “Beyond Nines” has its roots in service level agreements (SLA), and sprung out of the fact that clients demanded 99.9999% uptime. Beyond Nines believes in transparency and wanted to provide independent verification to their clients that they did indeed have good uptime. “It’s a way of saying ‘Don't just believe us when we say it's going to be X number of nines’,” he says. “Here's Pingdom, who's independently verifying and can send reports to you. You can see for yourself what the actual uptime is on your systems.”

This is a core part of Beyond Nines business.

Kendell and his team are experienced users of monitoring solutions, and have seen their fair share of services. Beyond Nines started using Pingdom early on and never looked back. “We started using Pingdom within a year of its start and really liked it. We discontinued our other services and moved over completely to Pingdom monitoring,” Kendell says.

There’s no excuse to skip monitoring

Fundraising software is the critical business service for organizations that Beyond Nines works with, and this is why monitoring is so important. Kendell shares his view: “We have some organizations that are very public facing, and they get donations through their public websites. Any downtime impacts the amount of money they can raise.”

For Beyond Nines, using Pingdom offers peace of mind to their customers. The team can deliver reports directly to clients through Pingdom, and clients can see what their uptime has been.

“When a new customer comes in we immediately set up monitoring for their servers,” says Kendell.

Beyond Nines’ SLA is based on Pingdom reports. Pingdom functions as an independent arbitrator. “If Pindom says our servers were down, then we missed our SLA and our clients deserve a refund or a credit for that period of time.”

“The service has been phenomenal. It's so reliable and easy to use. That hasn't been the case with other services that we've had in the past,” he says. “There's no excuse for not just setting up a quick monitor on your website and making sure it's not down.”

Why Pingdom?
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