The Year In Review

Thanks for using Pingdom to monitor your websites, servers, and a lot more. In 2013 we passed 400,000 customers and we’d like to share some of our numbers.

Pingdom customers logged in a total of 2,736,139 times (or 312 times per hour) to access stats, reports, set up new checks etc.



A phenomenal 43% increase, from 280,000 customers in 2012.

Tests performed

164 billion

Need a comparison? 107 billion people ever lived, so we’d have to add 57 billion dinosaurs.

Outages detected

113 million

Or 13,013 outages hourly. Internet is a fragile thing.

Alerts sent

97 million

That’s 11,264 alerts per hour or 3 alerts per second if you like.

Yes, we know the distance isn’t constant. But you get the picture.
Total Uptime

236 billion minutes

Enough time for 9,647 roundtrips to Pluto with a Space Shuttle

Total Downtime

6 billion minutes

...so stuff will break, often.

Average uptime


The average uptime in 2013 was 97.393% among our customers.



During 2013 we also introduced a couple of new ways to monitor. Welcome aboard to:

Real User Monitoring New mobile apps

Real User Monitoring

23 billion measurements

With all that data added together, we know Internet users wait for content – a lot.

The Empire State Building was built in 1 year and 45 days.

Maybe we don’t build Empire State Buildings, but we see Internet users wait for content

29.9 years

Every day

Imagine what we can achieve if we focus on making the web faster and more reliable.





Transaction Monitor

Making it easy to identify when only a part of your website is broken or slow. You’ll be the first to know when there is an issue with interactions like the log in, search, or check out.

Pingdom Enterprise

Powerful and customized solutions based on need for functionality and volume. We offer custom solutions, 24/7 support, professional services, dedicated probe groups, and much more. Get in touch!


O webmaster, where art thou?

There are Pingdom customers in 211 countries/territories around the world.

Most customers
New friends
75% of new customers 2013 are from USA and Europe
... But we also made new friends from smaller places
United States
Great Britain
San Marino
Saint Kitts
and Nevis

We have a lot of friends around the world whom we love to talk to and meet.

8 million


to pingdom.com – about 15 visits per minute



A 75% increase since 2012.
Pingdom is Sweden’s 5th biggest brand on Twitter.



Up 164% since last year.
710,000 people saw our most popular post.

You say the nicest things

A few selected tweets we especially appreciated from the past year:

  • @pingdom Want to give you a shoutout. Your speed test at http://tools.pingdom.com has been a huge help in helping me optimize my site speed!
    Kevin Mills @RAWRGdev
  • And with that bit of coolness @pingdom has converted me to a paying customer
    Kyle Stewart @KyleRStewart
  • Just tried out the real user monitoring from @pingdom - looks awesome
    Christoph @ccellar
Office Space

We really do love our office where we spend a lot of time. With a great amount of time, comes a great amount of coffee, lines of code, music, and soft drinks. Apparently.

We consumed

That resulted in...

5.1 million

Lines of code

...commited to Git.


Software Deployments

...to live environment.


Goals scored

... in the FIFA 13 Pingdom Championship



...added to the Pingdom library.

Thank you

From everyone at Pingdom, thanks for an amazing year!

As you can see we did some really cool things together with you, our customers.
And 2014 promises to be even more exciting.

Psst, We're hiring!